Axle Strengthening

I want to strengthen the standard Manta axle to reduce the amount of flexing in the tubes. There are two possibilities. Firstly, I could have a alloy strengthening plate made and installed similar to the one shown here for a Ford Escort Mk II. Secondly, I could replace the axle tubes with thicker walled tubes. This is another modification often done on Mk II Escort rally car axles.

The pictures below are of a Grp IV Fully Floating Axle fitted to a top spec Escort Mk2 Rally Car.

Gallery - Strengthend Axle

I must admit that I am leaning towards fitting thicker walled tubes, but think the Dural plate and the protective plates are well over the top for a simple track Day/ Hill Climb car which will never see a forest gravel rally stage. The guys who made this axle have said they are willing to make a jig and modify my axle.