Fuse and Relay Box

Well, I have finally had it with the Manta fuse and relay panel, what with dodgy connections and spring loaded fuses, I just don't know how the car can be reliable anymore. If your fuse panel is anything like mine, then the copper fuse holder tangs have either corroded away, become very badly tarnished, or just plain bent out of shape.

Gallery - Replacing the Fuse & Relay Box

To add insult to injury you need to be a contortionist to get at the relays. In addition, I have run out of fuse and relay slots, and I don't want to hang fuses and relays off the engine bulkhead for the 12V electrically heated windscreen. Another annoyance/worry is the way that the battery and ignition 12V supplies are all just crimped together, with a bit of rotting fabric insulation tape wrapped around the live wires, a short and fire hazard if there ever was one. Have you ever looked at the spagetti of wires lying behind the fuse/relay panel?  What a mess.

The new fuse panel uses blade type fuses, so no more dodgy connections or spring loaded fuses, and the relays are as easy to get at as the fuses. The fuse and relay panel can be joined together to make a fuse/relay panel.

These parts can be purchased from www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu , the part numbers are as follows:-

Electrical Parts Purchased for the Project
Part No. Description
FBB16U 16 way Standard Blade Fuse box
RB4U 4 way Relay Box

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As you can see, I have finished fitting the new fuse/relay panel. It is bolted to the plastic panel above the driver's pedals, so that it drops down when the plastic panel is removed. The original fuse block cover does still fit.