i240 Body Kit and 8x15" Wheels

The i240 Road body kit is made by Trevor Lewis of RallyTech Composite Engineering. Trevor has supplied a lightweight version of his normal kit in black fibreglass, without bonnet and boot lid. The kit will allow me to fit 8" wide wheels under the arches, and at the same time, increase the cars track by 2".

Gallery - i240 Body Kit Build

At the front, the steel wings, plastic bumper, and if fitted front valance, are replaced by two new wings and a front air dam. The front indicators are from a Ford Capri. I have had to modify the front air dam to fit my extra large radiator air intake.

At the rear I have only fitted the rear arches and side skirts. I have modified the rear arches to be bolt-on instead of glue-on. The rear arch is now bolted on using 13 bolts, which may be excessive, but it certainly will not flap about at speed. Each arch can be removed in less than 5 minutes, for maintenance or replacement. To allow fitting of the 8" wide wheels, the original arches have been cut back about 2" and welded up again, so that on full bump the tyres do not touch. None of this work is visible with the fibreglass arches fitted.

The side skirts are held in place by 3 welded-on brackets.

The i240 body kit is now all fitted. Here are the final pictures.

Gallery - i240 Body Kit Complete